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Flying High

by Custard XCPT

As many of you know, the super-fiber known as hemp is resurfacing because of the amazing benefits that it has for the environment - 

It is extremely versatile and can be used as a replacement for just about anything. With the stigma of the material finally dematerializing, the world is starting to realign towards the plant-based substance.

Canadian Cannabis firm, Hempearth is set to build, “The world’s first plane made from and powered by hemp.” We know all types of puns are flying through your head right now, but bear with me. The components of the plane will be created using almost only hemp, including the plane’s wings, the walls and even the interior seat cushions. Imagine cruising through the sky in an aircraft that will take you higher, but won’t get you high.

The plane will have a wingspan of 11 meters and can hold one pilot and four passengers.
Five individuals for now, but as things begin taking flight, the hemp craft will be able to carry way more.
The small plane will run exclusively on hemp oil, which is seen as a more sustainable alternative to mining materials and fossil fuels.

The qualities of hemp stem far beyond the human eye – hemp was basically ‘that guy’ in high school; good at everything, had the attention from all the girls, but at the same time, was unequivocally humble.
Harnessing hemp for industrial purposes is vital, as it is a superior replacement to materials that are mined.
“Most manufacturers use aluminum and fiberglass to build planes – hemp is significantly lighter and therefore, requires a lot less fuel to get up into the sky.” (Hempearth, 2019) This is why hemp must be incorporated into the construction of aircrafts.

Hemp, as a fiber, is like Akon - always giving back. The Hempearth group is also finishing up some never before developed hemp composites in Montreal that is set to replace all fiberglass in aviation and many other industries. This company is going above and beyond to find eco-friendly ways in mass-replacing materials that cause our environment harm when being extracted or used.  

Photo by Popular Mechanics

Hemp’s flexibility has allowed it to be maneuvered and transformed from a blank canvas for many miscellaneous items like, surfboards, paddleboards and car panels. “Hemp is also very pliable; it is distinguished by its very high elasticity and flexibility – much more ductile than any metal.” (Nestle, 2019) This is why it is must be brought into everyday manufacturing as it can be used industrially as an environmentally-friendly substitute.

CEO, when the first hemp plane is completed, its first flight is set to take place at The Wright Brother’s Memorial in Kitty Hawk North Carolina – the birthplace of aviation.

Here at Hempt, home of eco-fashion, we promise to keep you updated on any developments for this ground-breaking project that will be sure to change the way the world travels. Incorporating this super-fiber into everyday life will be how we change the planet, positively, together.

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